Deployment – Powerful

Deployment - Izengard make's it convenient for you to make a choice as to the implementation approach that suits you best.

Izengard always tokenizes using privacy enhancing technologies and advanced forensics on your data, during ingestion, during transport and during storage.

The only time it is de-tokenized is when an authorized user is allowed to see personally identifiable information and this is done by public-private key encryption.

Your data is safe with Izengard, because Izengard is built with cyber-security and IT risk management components that employ best practices and live up to strict NIST, ISO27001 and other standards. Our underlying technology is routinely penetration tested and our code base is certified by our respective technology partners.

Izengard can fit varying requirements from your organization, if some part of the organization needs to be on-premise for data protection legislation which won’t allow privacy enhancing technologies, but at the group level you still want to see everything that is happening across all subsidiaries, Izengard’s multi-tenanted/multi-regional and aggregation/consolidation approaches allow criminal information and data sharing securely, so your investigations can span multiple countries.

If you would like Izengard to run your operations from a Fraud unit to whole of Financial Crime or just to do your data science for you, we can offer you flexible options to do that in multiple geographies with our own staff or with partners.  In addition, we can support your Cyber-Security and IT Risk Management needs in a similar manner.  This is useful in countries which are suffering from brain drain, or unable to attract talent for a longer period of time, in this case contact Izengard and we will work with you and potentially our partners to come to a cost effective plan that meets your SLA requirements with our advanced technology platform.  

Izengard assigns account managers to clients so that they can understand your business, ensure you are taking full advantage of the platform and to recommend ways in which the platform can be utilized or optimized better for you.


Platform As a Service

Izengard is architected upon multiple clouds, it does not just work on one. Izengard can be deployed in your region and optimized for performance through a range of approaches we can consult with you for. Our advantage comes from our underlying technology optimized and running already on different clouds. We take a best of breed approach to deliver performance across clouds. We can offer a consumption based model as well as on a subscription model.

Deployment - Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

If for any reason you need to keep data locally within your data centre, our Virtual Private Cloud or Bare Metal solution can be used. Some of our non-data intensive, but fault tolerant components exist on different public clouds, but data sent to them is encrypted/masked and simply accessed but not physically moved. For the hybrid cloud we typically offer a subscription model as correct sizing, configuration of bare metal/private cloud and adequate load balancing and DevOps support is often needed on your end to maintain it.

Deployment - Managed Services

Non-Financial Risk Operations As A Service

In markets where there is an acute talent shortage, or where the back office non-financial risks are seen as an expensive overhead from both a CAPEX and OPEX perspective as well as deteriorating KPIs, Izengard can offer an approach to lower cost of operations, improve efficiency, improve detection and automate/digitize more to gain efficiencies. Izengard has the capability to scale up managed services in regions that will meet the stringent needs of the Service Level Agreements. Managed Services contracts are negotiated based on key requirements and constrained imposed by clients.