Izengard Research Scientist (Reporting) – Powerful & Informative : SAR/STR & MIS

Izengard Research Scientist (Reporting)


Izengard Research Scientist – Suspicious Activity Reporting, Suspicious Transaction Reporting, Law Enforcement and Internal MIS

Izengard partners with a technology player who is very strong in the Business Intelligence field.  Izengard integrates and re-sells this technology as part of the Izengard suite and this flexibility allows a range of pre-canned and user-defined reporting to happen.  By verticalizing the data mesh and by offering you insightful reports with integration to regulators and law enforcement, Izengard brings you a powerful reporting capability.

Izengard Research Scientist for SAR STR and MIS Reporting

Izengard Research Scientist - Reporting Types and Differentiators

Regulatory Reporting

Izengard brings best practices and in-depth data and analysis so that when your MLRO decides to file a SAR/STR, they are doing it with a high degree of confidence.  In fact, where allowed and on public record, Izengard's consortium model can inform the MLRO if others have filed SARs/STRs.  In addition, Izengard comes with interfaces to several of the top regulators to allow e-filing of the SARs upon approval of the MLRO.  Izengard also supports approval workflows if a country or regional MLRO needs to escalate approval to a superior.

Law Enforcement Reporting

Izengard supports best practices in crime reporting and integrates with e-filing reports where possible and to known/approved email address or approved REST APIs

Management – Trends, Forecasting, What-If Scenarios

Izengard provides management with a range of tools to see if the overall crime is being directed in particular areas, to see trends in crimes and to perform what-if analysis.  Izengard is multi-dimensional focusing on customer/employee, products, services, channels, transaction, risk types and model outputs.  Using state of the art business intelligence tools, these can be analyzed for trends and to perform what-if analysis.

Operational Productivity - Time, Cost & Resource Usage

Izengard provides management with the ability to see end to end crime productivity rather than just see it in siloes.  With costs loaded and use of technology resources metered, they can examine time and cost.  From here process mining can advise where the bottlenecks and high costs are incurred, so that Management can take effective action.

Controls Reporting for Lines 1, 2 and 3

Izengard measures actual behavioral risk across customer, product, channel and other dimensions against those defined in the EWRA.  Once this variation analysis is done, Izengard pinpoints which controls need re-calibration or strengthening and which residual risks are growing.

User Defined Reporting

Izengard provides full BI (Business Intelligence) tool capabilities at your hands in addition to our pre-designed reports.  This allows you to slice/dice, drill-up, drill-down, drill through and see your data vizualized in different ways, including with your company logo. 

Business Intelligence - Rich Reporting Capabilities

Through our BI technology partner, we re-sell and integrate their technology and fuse it with the data fabric that Izengard has provided. This will allow you to use skills you already have and be able to create your own reports, use Izengard pre-canned dashboards as well as combine other data, so that your fight against crime and your reporting to regulators, legal and law enforcement becomes stronger.