Izengard Conductor : Business Process Management & Orchestration – Improve your efficiency and cost through automation because compliance should not be siloed

Business Process Management - Orchestration via Izengard Conductor

Business Process Management

Izengard Conductor is a highly scalable server platform that can handle hundreds of user and hundreds of autonomous processes. Izengard orchestrates processes within  all 3 domains of cyber-security, IT risk management and financial crime. For this reason Izengard uses Business Process Management and links up Line 1, 2 and 3 in the 3 lines of defense model and allows for regulatory & data lineage.

Izengard Conductor uses a Business Process Model Notation (BPMN) compliant executable framework.  Therefore, it’s not just a documentation and diagramming construct, there are actual actions, code and database or interface activity underneath the processes. Izengard’s BPMN constructs are easy to understand as they are user-friendly and greatly mirror procedures in real life.

Izengard as a whole is process and event driven.  Izengard allows for limited modification of pre-built processes but allows new processes to be designed to supplement existing ones in case further actions/checks which are not performed by our best practice workflows are not enough to meet the needs of a particular client. The processes designed, allow regulatory traceability and data lineage.

Business Process Management - Handoff's within and across Financial Crime, Cyber Security and IT Risk Management - unifying the disciplines