Izengard Data Fabric / Data Mesh – Master your compliance and data protection! View and treat your federated data as one.

Izengard Data Fabric / Data Mesh: Federated Data Storage for all structured and unstructured data used within Izengard but allowing a centralized view and management.

Data Mesh

Izengard partners with a modern data fabric/data mesh provider who allows edge to cloud computing, meaning that in some instances when clients insist everything is on-premise it can operate that way.  The data fabric / data fabric uses a global namespace, so no matter what objects are referenced by it, it looks like one resource.

Izengard uses the data fabric / data mesh for many things:

SSD/Memory – for profiling on the Izengard Mind Map, including device intelligence

SSD – for running machine learning models and initially storing results.

File and Object Storage : For unstructured data ingested, which is indexed, stored and structured.  The Data Fabric / data mesh supports a NoSQL document paradigm and data is stored in encrypted JSON format.

ML Ops – Our ML machine learning models run, deploy and are managed through the Data Fabric / Data Mesh, with the ability to spin up sandboxes quicker than other solutions.

Data Lake : Storing the core Izengard data model for integrating our 3 domains and combining the risk events and correlated data into a unified structure for querying, analysis.  This also stores our threat intelligence information and provides the bulk of our data loss prevention

Cubes : These are used in Izengard Business Intelligence reporting

Event Logs : Used in SIEM/CIEM and IT Risk Management are stored and copied into one place, then integrated by Izengard into the data fabric / data mesh.

Apache Beam : For data flow in conjunction with Kafka below

Apache Kafka : As the main streaming mechanism for getting data in and out of the Data Fabric / Data Mesh

Data Catalogs and Metadata : Izengard uses one of the newest and most advanced methods of data catalogs via our partner to provide data lineage and governance and examine data quality throughout all the metadata that Izengard collects.

Izengard Data Fabric / Data Mesh - Simplying metadata, data catalog, data access and analytics as well as machine learning - data lineage end to end