Izengard Fault Tolerance & Redundancy – Why? Because criminals wants your systems to be down and avoid being caught

Izengard Fault Tolerance & Redundancy

Fault Tolerance high availability

Izengard has multiple components that provide high availability via redundancy.

The front end controlling the UX, processes, querying and all orchestration is at 99.9%.

The back end data fabric / data fabric incl data vault, graph databases and Izengard Mind Map is guaranteed at 99.999% and this means whilst the front end could go down, it is unlikely there will be data loss.

Our partners providing and hosting this technology, provide security and prevention from attacks on the core technology and Izengard’s own infrastructure engineers and third party engineers, routinely do penetration testing, security hardening and simulate shutdowns and recovery points. 

Only when a client chooses to have a fully on-premise solution, will there be a need to load balance, provide redundancy and duplication and be able to manage it themselves.  In all other cases Izengard plus its technology partners manage uptime for you and prevent against cyber-attacks.

Fault Tolerance

 Settings and configurations can be altered based on the distribution of servers, the distribution of data and the level of on-premise vs cloud implementation.