Izengard Device Detective – Unsurpassed EndPoint Device Threat Behaviour

Izengard Device Detective - Behavioral Device Data to ward off the following types of issues

Device Intelligence

Izengard Device Detective - EndPoint CyberSecurity meets Financial Crime

Izengard integrates a strong device intelligence technology that can be integrated into your channels via deployment of SDKs, this allows Izengard to prevent in real time the following kinds of frauds/attacks:

a) ID takeover – BOTs, RATs, Trojans, Keyloggers

b) Account Take Over – Login credentials and passwords are correct but from another device

c) Social Engineering – Knowing your behaviour and behaviour under duress

d) Man in the Middle/Man in the Browser attacks – detecting SQL/API injection attacks

e) Phishing – compromised URLs, based on comparison to bank URLs, so that customers are warned in browser or via app that they are clicking on a link and should they proceed then the institution may place  temporary suspension on the account.

d) Deepfakes – fake liveness, fake videos, potential harmful capability such as child porn detected on mobile devices or to known suspicious apps/sites

As more firms are being asked to get into a cost-sharing framework to recompense victims of fraud/scams, the ability to have this kind of technology is now being hailed as critical. As the sophistication of mobile devices, AI deep-fakes grow, the challenge to be on top of your game will be more important.  Combining signals from different sources, profiling devices, customers, known and unknown criminal networks and co-ordinating responses with the regulators, police and other financial institutions becomes  a critical competitive advantage.  With Izengard’s capabilities to provide a holistic picture of signals, common entities, flows and devices as well as threat signatures, the ability to detect and prevent this kind of crime is possible.