Intelligent Investigations by Izengard Private Investigator (PI)

Izengard Private Investigator (PI) - Intelligent Investigations


Izengard has a full investigations module called Private Investigator (PI) which incorporates best practices from decades of investigating crime across Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, Cyber Security and IT Risk Management.  Some of our staff are ex police and have been doing forensic investigations for years.  They have embodied their best practices, including latest advances in forensics as well as data driven investigations into the core Izengard suite. This approach yields more accurate outcomes and reduces the overall cost of investigations.

Izengard automates initial collection of evidence and risk ranks the evidence based on contextual anomalies and other items detected when our detection models run, this resolves the costly collection of evidence and the need for more junior investigators.


Investigations - Features and Differentiators in Izengard Private Investigator

Izengard Data Journalist

Izengard Data Journalist - Data Driven Investigations

Izengard Process Automation of Level 1 alerts

Level 1 Case Management - Automated Process Mining and Process Metrics

Izengard supports productivity level reporting

Productivity Reporting

Izengard tracks malicious overrides

Over-rides tracked and escalated for approval

Risk Factors

Risk factors tagged by actors involved

Quality Control

Quality Control - Line 3 and Regulatory Checklists

Investigations Graph

Typologies detected are shown in a highly intuitive graph

Automated Investigations

Advanced Forensics : Chain of Custody, Chain of Evidence, Legal Hold

Izengard supports exports to eDiscovery tools

Export encrypted investigations data to legal e-Discovery tools