Izengard Customer Journey – Transform your KYC (Onboarding) / CDD whilst being regulatory compliant

Izengard Customer Journey - KYC (Onboarding) / CDD


Izengard drives process driven best practices in onboarding, due diligence and on-going CDD.  The tabs below will apply to all industries.  The difference largely being in the Crypto space where anonymized ID tokens have to be extracted and then ID determined through other means.  Izengard ingests multiple regulatory requirements and where possible auto-classifies/categorizes and uses information obtained during on-boarding to determine the appropriate course of action.  For investments, capital markets the categorization and suitability steps are more onerous and in-line with best practices and regulatory requirements.

Izengard is designed for perpetual KYC.  A KYC tool on it’s own cannot do this and relay the facts back to Fraud, Sanctions or Transaction Monitoring without these modules being part of the suite.  In this case those tools whilst they espouse perpetual KYC fall short, because it is actually a multi-way bargain, you have to understand root causes in other areas such as Fraud, Sanctions, Cyber and Transaction Monitoring to handle perpetual KYC in it’s fullest sense.  


Izengard assesses a customer not just on AML risk factors, but also on other characteristics that are identified via cyber-security and via IT Risk Assessment as well.  If Izengard’s consortium model has come across this customer, even though tokenized, it can add any additional data points from the consortium model to the risk assessment. Risk assessments are driven by a combination of best practices, regulatory requirements and by the product risks/suitability requirements above as well as taking into factors from the source of wealth/source of funds processes above.  The important difference in Izengard is that this is not a questionnaire approach but it is threat intelligence driven, locally, regionally and globally via global threat intelligence AML database that Izengard has sourced and integrated into our KYC. Clients can add additional criteria which may be specific to jurisdictions, to their policy and to their regulatory or line of business to the risk assessments.  Izengard will notify clients if the factors in the risk assessment do not live up to observed behavior.  Once the final risk rating is completed, Izengard sets up an internal and an external segmentation for assessing peer risks with other modules (fraud, transaction monitoring, sanctions screening, device profiling).

Perpetual KYC - On-going CDD Monitoring


Izengard integrates outputs from fraud, cyber, sanctions and transaction monitoring into behavioural characteristics that challenge the circumstances under the original Customer Risk Assessment performed.

If any of these are violated, Izengard queues up the variances for review and gives the CDD analyst wider risk indicators and in some cases with a pre-scribed course of action as determined by the system given risks, regulatory red flags and other information. 

The CDD analyst can make a decision and if necessary escalate to the Head of KYC and other leaders as required via Izengard’s workflows.

Leveraging KYC across Cyber Security, Fraud, Sanctions, Transaction Monitoring and enabling the detection of anomalies

Entity Resolution
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Advanced Entity Resolution – Alias entities, hidden entities and profiling

Izengard’s Mind Map module receives entity information continuously and not just at onboarding.  The continuous monitoring of the entity (which can be a device, product, customer, financial intermediary, vendor etc) and lifestyle or other changes is what makes Izengard’s entity resolution stand out from the crowd.

Izengard combines entity information from cyber-security, IT risk management, from govt approved data sources, from social media sources, from other third parties at a global level.  So if a customer changes names in one country but not another or a retail customer uses multiple alias’ and has different govt ID mechanisms, these are highlighted and escalated for CDD review as and when Izengard is informed or detects these changes happening.

Remember Izengard doesn’t store personally identifiable information without privacy enhancing technologies, so data is usually un-encryptable without specific mechanisms put in place. This rich profiling that Izengard completes across multiple domains and integrating external data sets is what makes Izengard the best perpertual KYC and the most complete crime solution for the industry.

Izengard’s Mind Map is not just resolving entities, but offers an alternative approach when paired with lists and other data sources for Name Screening and Sanctions.  The techniques used in the Izengard Mind Map module are more sophisticated and use NLP and other mechanisms better than fuzzy logic alone to handle the complexities in resolution and in name screening.