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Izengard achieves it’s integration via a common information highway, that allows precise and strong coupling of the components needed to share data, to share alerts, to combine processes, to deploy models where needed and to correlate information.  This means that unlike the silo approach, you are not dealing with non-contextual siloed alerts, limited data and unknown events in other parts of the organization.  In many solutions and enterprise providers, very little apart from a common database is integrated, cross-cutting processes, models and information sharing and trigger events are completely left out and in effect the net result is siloed applications, business logic, models/analytics even within a so called enterprise solution.

Izengard is unique here, it unifies cyber-security and information security trigger points with each other as well as those that may lead to financial crime as a secondary risk.  Izengard shares processes, models, data, trigger events and reporting amongst all of these areas, so when you view, or make key decisions, all the relevant data points are at your finger prints.

As people who have witnessed large financial institutions as well as the new FinTech’s, our view was the siloed procurement, siloed decision making, cost of integration, politics of integration and funding for transformation programs of this scale were a barrier.  This leads to siloed mindset and inefficient and costly legal/regulatory mistakes.  Izengard was engineered to overcome this and therefore has a core technology architecture and business architecture that supports integration.

Some of the key components from a business application logic for integration are:

1) A unified case management system, receiving all alerts and correlating them under customers, branches, locations etc as well as historical alert frequency

2) Business process integration, as we have put a lot of thought into how business process must be cross-cutting, we have looked at integration points and trigger events and eased this work for you.  All you have to do is put in organization specific procedures/add-on’s that you need to do to these.

3) Investigation approaches from a forensic lens are actually the same, but the underlying tools and techniques may differ, so we have approached investigations and integrated forensic tools into a common component.

4) A Cyber/Fin Crime reporting unit is a specialized overall unit that is able to see data across geographies and look at cross-country/cross-customer crime syndicates and investigate these in order to aid legal and regulators/police with deeper data, insights and investigations.

5) Our Mind Maps, keep track of every customer activity perpetually by using synthetic data to meet on-going customer service, marketing and financial crime/cyber-crime/compliance investigation needs.

The Izengard team is happy to discuss how the Izengard platform from a technology viewpoint will integrate with existing banking/payment systems or with insurance claims/policy and your other data stores for efficient integration and the techniques we use to pull data (batch, real time serial, real time parallel, event based etc).  The technology components of Izengard are outlined on the platform section of this website.  As with any areas that may prove difficult, we are option to custom interface development, although we have a range of integration options and can also take in masked data or even apply synthetic data on the fly, so as to separate actual customer data from that in the account/transactional areas of use, so that data privacy and data sovereignty requirements can be met.  Our synthethic data algorithms can be single-directional or reversible depending upon the needs and the type of data they have been applied to.  Where raw data is stored, it has multiple levels of encryption, authentication and is only viewable by a select group of your own staff, this area is not even able to be seen by an Izengard admin or by our own technology/product team.

Feel free to contact us to discuss any key questions you have on component or technical integration.

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