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Izengard brings several integrated Cyber-Security Application & IT Risk Management applications that work together in a unified manner, by sharing a common database, common threat intelligence, common case management and common investigations platform with contextual anomalies.  These integrated end user applications share data with other integrated applications for Financial Crime and  sit on top of a platform where the underlying shared component pieces support the use of the application in question.

Primary risks often emanate due to missing controls or not comprehensive controls across the IT real estate and security.  Some of the risk are posed from outside your real estate including customer devices, partner integration points (such as with PSPs, other fintech partners) and due to some oversight with also criminal hackers.  Often the goal of anyone taking advantage of this is a financial one and not just disruption, so there is always a secondary risk, which results in Financial Crime.  An extortion attempt, a threat requiring a bribe or just the disruption causing downtime, leading to many transactions not being settled results in a variety of crimes.  Since some of Izengard’s founders have been forensic investigators, we have often found digging below the surface is usually organized crime or terrorism and that if you piece together other information then patterns emerge which usually indicate more than fraud/extortion/bribery, there are underlying money laundering and potentially terrorist financing activities underneath.

Izengard understands trigger points that occur here and therefore all breaches in Information Security, Cyber-Security etc are integrated with our common investigations module Izengard Private Investigator which will piece the information together and analyze it using the machine learning models we have to determine if there are potentially secondary risks and involve Financial Crime personnel as necessary and ensure appropriate case management, legal hold, chain of custody and other legal/forensic approaches are applied. 

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These components work together and provide when configured properly a very powerful security function.  Uniquely the Izengard IT/Security Risk Assessment and the IT data catalog are live, in that they help not only identify controls, but also serve as a control library and can see whether the control effectiveness is working as planned, or whether there are residual risks. 

If there are residual risks (of which the frequency of risk assessment in some cases can be automated to weekly/monthly), the alerts can be set up and case management invoked.  This is a very powerful use of risk assessments of which in the real world are static either in GRC applications or in End User Computing technology.

Izengard has pioneered the security and information security approaches using the Zero Trust paradigm and continously spends our research and development improving this sector, with updates during the licensing period being delivered to our clients.  Where possible, the trigger events are also handled that require an incident log/escalation as well as hand off to financial crime should damage to the institution, clients or partners result.

Izengard partners with leading security experts, threat hunting organizations and with appropriate intelligence sources to keep the battle for cyber and information security as strong as possible, we also keep our device intelligence updated so as Android and IOS versions are launched as well as new applications in the playstores of the respective vendors are introduced/updated, the Izengard Device Intelligence unit can search for security scans.