Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Izengard

Yes Izengard is designed exactly for this scenario.  New startup digital banks and fin-techs do not need to spend a large amount of CAPEX and to hire a lot of staff in these 3 domains.  Izengard offers a managed service in a region near.

Yes Izengard Managed Services can help in ensuring you have continuity of service and need not have to worry about finding and hiring the right staff.  Based on SLAs that we sign we can deliver you a service whilst you reduce your IT footprint and other costs.

Izengard specialists can come in and do a cost analysis and pin-point areas of improvement and then plan a migration to Izengard for you.  It will be your choice if you want to operate the Izengard infrastructure or to ask Izengard to do this for you on a Managed Services basis.

Yes, the Izengard Mind Map module and the Izengard Threat Intelligence module both do various types of Dark Web searches to find if customers details are being traded as well as find out the bad actors/groups operating on the dark web and updates our threat intelligence alerts about them.

The Izengard Mind Map uses a technique called entity resolution.  The resolution process uses a set of standardized techniques, NLP and other AI techniques to examine scenarios and their consequences.  That is the reason why it serves multiple needs including name screening, customer onboarding, adverse media screening and sanctions.  It is also extensively used in profiling for fraud and transaction monitoring.  All data stored under Izengard is encrypted with you holding the key to unlock the privacy, without the key the data remains encrypted and there will be no way to access it unless the key has been copied/stolen.  Izengard puts in place a tight monitoring on keys to ensure if they are moved, replicated or come from a different location, we lock down the data and inform your security operations immediately of a compromised key.  

Izengard expects that beyond just supporting Crypto AML and Crypto cyber attacks, we will be able to support NFT based AML and NFT based Crypto attacks sometime in 2023

Izengard expects that our correspondent banking solution will be released sometime in 2023

Please use the contact form or feel free to write to [email protected] and an Izengard representative will contact you.

Izengard spent many years understanding the strengths of many of the point vendors who deployed machine learning and other cloud based solutions early.  We felt that the industry would improve cloud offerings and improve security at the same time.  Finally we know the data mess was going to get worse and larger, so we waited until data fabric and data mesh technology was around.  We have deployed some of the best learnings from understanding our competitors better and integrated them into the individual modules of our solution.  However, remember the big difference come from more context and joined-up risk indicators across 3 domains.  No other vendor does that and it is unique to Izengard

Even if Izengard does not yet have an office in your country, it is likely that one of our partners does.  We work with partners to deliver solutions and in some cases provide a level 1 helpdesk.